Accept dating many money order site union western l'avvenire online dating

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Accept dating many money order site union western

Recent scams include offering consumers counterfeit cashier's checks, advance-fee loans and phony lottery winnings.More than 3 million was swindled in 2002 from U. residents through wire transfer fraud to Canada alone, according to a survey conducted by investigators in seven states.Check their fees--transferring US00 to Canada using the "Money In Minutes" option nets them US in fees.With smaller amounts, the percentage is even higher.They're executing orders exactly as their customers ask.It's not their fault that the customers are foolish enough to wire money out of the country without due diligence.• November 18, 2005 PM Don, I don't follow your response.

If you shut down Western Union, Money Gram, VIgo and all the other wire transfer services, folks will find some other means of separating the gullible from their money.Second, I agree with antibozo that Western Union profits by being used as a conduit in these illegal scams, but I hardly feel that alone constitutes complicity.By that logic, the company which rented the truck to Timothy Mc Veigh was complicit in the OK City bombing.Western Union has been the conduit of a lot of fraud.But since they're not the victim, they don't care much about security. It took a lawsuit to convince them to take security seriously.

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they theoretically have a definite motivation to /promote/ the fraudulent transactions *I* have a theoretical motive to promote fraudulent transactions that make me money, but that doesn't mean I do it. Do you have any reason to believe otherwise about WU? I don't see why this is a problem with WU's security. • November 18, 2005 PM @jammit: Napster's business model was ruled to be based *primarily* on promoting illegal transactions.

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  1. Similarly, many of the practices that are generally regarded as “obvious” parts of dating feel like intimidatingly strange concepts to us, such as “flirting” and “bantering,” creating an intangible “chemistry,” or spacing out how often you call, text, e-mail, and/or suggest hanging out with a dating prospect.