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Suzuki-san is an absolute machine; he’s been constantly chipping away at his time for a decade now, and as I was walking into the paddock on this particular morning he managed to set a new personal best and track record lap time of 50.366.

This turbocharged ZN6 managed a 58.1-second lap, which is quite nuts if you think about how much slower a stock version is – probably 10 seconds slower, or more.But this in no way takes away from the fact that he’s an absolute legend and will no doubt achieve his goal sooner or later.His next attempt will be in January, so I’ll make sure to be there.It’s extremely light, well set up, and has just enough power.Having run 56.502, the Ti Racing Lotus Exige was the second fastest car on the day.


Tuning shops and amateurs alike have until the end of February to extract the utmost performance from their cars, and as ever the Tsukuba Super Battle is the one that kicks the whole season off.

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