Bionews online dating

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Bionews online dating

Now with that said, I WILL NOT reduce the Gospel to simple reasoning and logic because that is most certainly not the Gospel.We can prove the existence of God with reasoning and logic, but we must trust in God to bring conviction to the human heart and bring salvation to one's soul. By using reasoning and logic you can prove the existence of God to an atheist/evolutionist.Can you imagine what our species will look like in a million years?I am a happy atheist, and a firm believer in evolution.Many Christians simply excuse themselves from the conversation and miss an opportunity to share the Gospel.

We are charged to be faithful to share the Gospel with a lost and dying world (Mk ) and God tells us that His Word will not return void (Is. I also think that the burden of proof is upon the evolutionist and not the Christian. Many times they will mention transitional forms such as Lucy, Piltdown Man, Nebraska Man, and others.

You can go to any culture in the world, regardless of their language, and they will all tell you that it is wrong to lie, steal, kill, and the rest of the Ten Commandments (wether they state it that way or not).

The conscience is another tool God has left within each individual in order to drive us to the Saviour (Rom. Finally, God left us His Bible to prove His existence to us.

Take all opportunities that God may give you to share the Gospel and the truth of creation with friends, family, and co-workers. It is as if they are claiming humans and all other species were put on the earth exactly as they are now, and never changed.

Since everyone is already talking about this subject this year you might as well be the salt and light that you are called to be and boldly proclaim the truth. We look designed because we were, but slowly, over time, and by chance, evolution, and slight mutations.

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You say that all the iterations of animals would live. The mutations would have to be so slight that the species would have a chance to survive in the habitat in which it was born, and then procreate, passing along that mutated gene.

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