Ceb forum dating

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Ceb forum dating

A new international terminal worth P1 Billion will be constructed starting 2006 and will be completed in four years after which the existing 15 year old terminal, which houses the domestic and international wings and has a capacity of 2 million passengers, will be purely devoted for domestic use.

Also, the current four aerobridges or tubes on the existing terminal will be upgraded and added with two more bringing it to a total of six.

The same thing in the interior touch up the wall paints, keep it clean and in top shape, replace the chairs in the the predeparture area.

I hope they are already starting with those additional contact bridges. Like the runways of Nielson Field which are now Ayala Ave and Pase de Roxas and Lahug Airport which is now our IT Park.

The airport was then expanded in its later years to become the current Mactan-Cebu International Airport.

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The airport is also the only international airport in the entire Visayas region.

A first class hotel -- Waterfront Mactan Airport Hotel -- sits right in front of the airport terminal.

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