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“We're not a scary society, we're here, we're a fraternal order,” he said, adding a lot of what they do is more for the camaraderie and socializing.They had about a dozen people come by on Saturday by the time I stopped in just before 4 p.m.He joked: “We're not controlling the world from 430 Riverview Dr.

Staccato brushstrokes are contained by more flowing, sinuous lines, recalling the visionary intensity of German Expressionism.

Present throughout is a quality of quiet melancholy combined with a vibrating, somewhat hallucinatory energy, rendered through Childish’s roiling brushwork.

Childish’s canvases clearly bear the marks of the art-historical lineage of which Childish feels himself a part.

Above all, they express Childish’s earnest engagement with life.

Rocks, rivers, caves, trees, nudes and the artist himself are recurring motifs.

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He said if anyone is interested in the masons holding one of these clinics, they can get more information at

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