Composizione medagliere online dating

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Composizione medagliere online dating

The size of increments will be regulated at the auctioneer’s discretion. The auctioneer reserves the right to withdraw, add, group or divide lots, as well as the right to refuse a bid in the saleroom or a commission bid. Non-resident clients required to pay VAT, who reside in other EU countries or outside the EU, may request a refund of the VAT at the rate indicated in paragraph 7.2 on the hammer price, as well as of the VAT at 22% calculated on the auction commissions, by presenting an official document (CMR or customs form) proving that the goods will leave Italy or the European Union within 90 days of delivery. Reca firma/reca data/reca iscrizione (With signature/with date/with) inscription): in our opinion the signature/date/inscription appears to be by a hand other than that of the artist.

6 – Purchase price A commission in favor of Aste Bolaffi will be charged to the buyer, in addition to the hammer price, as follows: Numismatic and philatelic auctions: The Buyer shall pay a premium of 20% on the hammer price (the price at which a lot is knocked down) V. In case of shipment of the goods outside Italy by the auction house, the refundable VAT as detailed above will not be included in the invoice. Aste Bolaffi reserves the right to express its own opinion with regard to the author, attribution, origin, dating and condition of the lots in the catalogue.

Interest will be charged on delayed payments at the rate of 0.5% monthly, subject to variation, on all amounts not paid within the regular terms. 42/2004, the grantors and buyers are required to comply with the relative provisions in force and, in that case, Aste Bolaffi at its exclusive discretion, may proceed with a temporary award of the lot.

Aste Bolaffi may grant possible extensions of payment terms on the basis of agreements which will have to be formalized, in any case, prior to the auction. 15 – Resale royalties “Droit de Suite” Legal obligations concerning the “Droit de Suite” (

The starting price is the price indicated as the base price, unless different, higher offers have been received, in which case the starting price will be that of the increment subsequent to the next to last offer. symbol are invoiced differently and have a different buyer’s premium on hammer price (for regular lots see paragraph 6) Hammer price will be increased by: 1. VAT on hammer price at the following rates: books 4% stamps 10% all other categories 22% 3. Da Guido Reni (from Guido Reni): in our opinion a copy of a known work of the artist.

(In case of identical commission bids, the first to arrive will receive precedence, and in any case these take precedence over equal offers made in the saleroom). All other auctions: The Buyer shall pay the following premium on the hammer price: Lots hammered from €10.00 to 50,000.00 25% Lots hammered from €50,001.00 to 200,000.00 22% Lots hammered from €200,001.00 20% For lots purchased online in any auction an additional commission of 1.5% will be applied. VAT payable at 22% on buyer’s premium VAT REFUNDS Private clients residing outside Europe may obtain a refund of the VAT at the rate indicated in paragraph 7.2 on the hammer price by presenting an official document (customs form) that proves that the goods will leave the European Union within 90 days of delivery. Firmato/Datato/Iscritto (Signed/Dated/Inscribed): in our opinion the work has been signed/dated/inscribed by the artist.

3 – Participation in the saleroom Aste Bolaffi reserves the right to request information from the participants in the bidding as regards their identity and bank references, as well as the right to refuse undesirable elements entry to the saleroom.

L’acquirente sarà tenuto a pagare il corrispettivo al momento del ricevimento della fattura.No bids will be accepted for any lot below its starting price. Guido Reni (Stile-style): in our opinion a work by a painter working in the artist style, contemporary or nearly contemporary.No “without limit” bids, or “upon examination” bids or bids which combine two or more lots will be accepted. Guido Reni (Maniera o scuola-manner or school): in our opinion a work executed in the artist style by an unknown artist influenced by him also in a much later period.Any export requests will be made bythe auction house on behalf of the buyer to the appropriate government offices.The buyer will be required to pay all costs on receipt of the invoice.

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Claims due to negligence or error in filling out written offers by mail will not be accepted. Philatelic auction: Catalogue numbers and values indicated at the end of each description refer to the following catalogues: Bolaffi and Sassone for Italy and Italian Area: Yvert Tellier and Catalogo Unificato for Europe and Yvert Tellier and Stanley Gibbons for all other countries. 13 – Catalogue Terms Furniture and painting auction: Guido Reni: in our opinion a work by the artist Guido Reni (Attribuito-attributed): in our opinion probably a work by the artist in whole or in part Guido Reni (Bottega- studio): in our opinion a work executed in the studio or workshop of the artist, but by an unknown artist Guido Reni (Cerchia-circle of): in our opinion a work of an unknown artist made during the life of the artist.