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Please help support the mission of New Advent and get the full contents of this website as an instant download.Includes the Catholic Encyclopedia, Church Fathers, Summa, Bible and more — all for only .99...Giuseppe dei Falegnami, via di Marforio, Rome, is generally accepted as being identical with 'the prison ... around 476 Mammon - Mamona; the spelling Mammona is contrary to the textual evidence and seems not to occur in printed Bibles till the edition of Elzevir Man - Includes sections on the nature of man, the origin of man, and the end of man Manahem - King of Israel Manahen, Saint - Or Manaen. He was the son of James Mangan, a grocer, and of Catherine Smith Manharter - A politico-religious sect which arose in Tyrol in the first half of the nineteenth century Manichæism - A religion founded by the Persian Mani in the latter half of the third century Manifestation of Conscience - A practice in many religious orders and congregations, by which subjects manifest the state of their conscience to the superior, in order that the latter may know them intimately, and thus further their spiritual progress Manila - This archdiocese comprises the city of Manila, the provinces of Bataan, Bulacan, Cavite, Mindoro, Nueva Ecija, Pampanga, Rizal, Tarlac, and Zambales; and the Districts of Infanta and Marinduque in the Province of Tayabas Manila Observatory - Founded by Father Frederic Faura, the middle of the city, overlooking the forum', mentioned by Livy (I, xxxiii) Mamertus, Claudianus - Gallo-Roman theologian and the brother of St. Mentioned in Scripture, and traditionally believed to have been one of the first Christians in Antioch Manasses - The name of seven persons of the Bible, a tribe of Israel, and one of the apocryphal writings Mance, Jeanne - Foundress of the Montreal Hotel-Dieu, and one of the first women settlers in Canada, b. at Montreal, 19 June, 1673 Manchester - A suffragan of the Archdiocese of Boston, U. A Manchuria - A north-eastern division of the Chinese Empire and the cradle of the present [1910] imperial dynasty Mandan Indians - Tribe occupying jointly with the Hidatsa (Minitari or Grosventre) and Arikara (Ree) the Fort Berthold reservation, on both sides of the Missouri, near its conjunction with the Knife River, North Dakota Mandeville, Jean de - The author of a book of travels much read in the Middle Ages, died probably in 1372 Manfredonia - The city of Manfredonia is situated in the province of Foggia in Apulia, Central Italy, on the borders of Mount Gargano Mangalore - Diocese on the west coast of India, suffragan of Bombay Mangan, James Clarence - Irish poet, b. J., in 1865; constituted officially The Philippine Weather Bureau by decree of the American governor, May, 1901 Maniple - An ornamental vestment in the form of a band, a little over a yard long and from somewhat over two to almost four inches wide, which is placed on the left arm in such manner that it falls in equal length on both sides of the arm Manitoba - History of the Canadian province Mann, Theodore Augustine - English naturalist and historian, b. at Prague in Bohemia, 23 Feb., 1809 Manna - The food miraculously sent to the Israelites during their forty years sojourn in the desert (Exodus 16 and Numbers 11:6-9) Manning, Henry Edward - Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster (1808-1892) Mannyng, Robert - Poet, from Bourne in Lincolnshire, England Mansard, François - French architect, born in Paris, probably of Italian stock, in 1598; died there, 1666 Mansard, Jules - French architect, grand-nephew of Francois, was originally Jules Hardouin, but took the name of Mansard; was born in Paris, 1646; died at Marly 1708 Mansi, Gian Domenico - Italian prelate and scholar born at Lucca, of a patrician family, 16 February, 1692; died archbishop of that city, 27 September, 1769 Mantegna, Andrea - Biography of the Italian painter Mantelletta - An outer vestment reaching to the knees, open in front, with slits instead of sleeves on the sides Mantua - Diocese of Mantua (Mantuana), in Lombardy Mantuanus, Baptista - Carmelite, Renaissance poet, d. between 12 Maphrian - The Syriac word mafriano signifies one who fructifies, a consecrator.1516 Manu, The Laws of - The English designation commonly applied to the 'Manava Dharma-sastra', a metrical Sanskrit compendium of ancient sacred laws and customs held in the highest reverence by the orthodox adherents of Brahminism Manuel Chysoloras - First teacher of Greek in Italy, born at Constantinople about the middle of the fourteenth century; died at Constance, German, and was buried there, 15 April, 1415 Manuscripts - Every book written by hand on flexible material and intended to be placed in a library is called a manuscript Manuscripts, Illuminated - A large number of manuscripts covered with painted ornaments Manuscripts of the Bible - Manuscripts are written, as opposed to printed, copies of the original text or of a version either of the whole Bible or of a part thereof Manuterge - The name given to the towel used by the priest when engaged liturgically Manutius, Aldus - Scholar and printer (1450-1515) Manzoni, Alessandro - Italian poet and novelist, b. 22 May, 1873 Map, Walter - Archdeacon of Oxford, b. It is used to designate the prelate who holds the second rank after the patriarch among the Jacobite Syrians Maran, Prudentius - A learned Benedictine of the Maurist Congregation, b.14 October, 1683, at Sezanne, in the Department of Marne; d.241,000; it is noted for its industries, particularly the production of sugar, its trade, and its commerce.

at Camerino, in the March of Ancona, 13 May, 1625, d.

Basil the Great, Gregory of Nyssa, and Macrina the Younger Macrina the Younger, Saint - Granddaughter of St. Richard Mc Sherry Mactaris - A titular see of the Byzantine Empire Madagascar - Island situated to the south-east of Africa Madaurus - A titular see of Numidia Maderna, Carlo - Known principally by his extension of St.

Peter's, at the command of the pope, from the form of a Greek to that of a Latin cross (1556-1629) Maderno, Stefano - A sculptor of the Roman School and of the era just preceding Bernini, his contemporary (1576-1636) Madianites - An Arabian tribe introduced into history in the texts of Gen., xxv, 1-4 and I Chron., i, 32 Madras - Archdiocese in India Madrid-Alcalá - Province and town in Spain Madruzzi, Christopher - Born of a noble family of Trent, 5 July, 1512; died at Tivoli, Italy, 5 July, 1578 Madura Mission - The Madura mission owes its origin to Robert de Nobili, who commenced at Madura, in 1606, that peculiar method of propagating the faith which has made his name famous Maedoc, Saint - First bishop of Ferns, d. Aengus of the Rule of the Celidhe De Maelrubha, Saint - Abbot and martyr, died in 722 Maerlant, Jacob van - Flemish poet of the Middle Ages, b. after 1291 Maestro di Camera del Papa - The maestro di camera is the real chief chamberlain.

Down, 1571; died 22 September, 1626 Mac Carthy, Bartholomew - Irish scholar and chronologist (1843-1904) Mac Carthy, Denis Florence - Well-known Irish poet of the nineteenth century, born in Lower O'Connell Street, Dublin, 26 May, 1817; died at Blackrock, Dublin, 7 April, 1882 Mc Carthy, Justin - Irish politician and writer (1830-1912) Mac Carthy, Nicholas Tuite - Called the Abbe de Levignac, born in Dublin on 19 May, 1769; died at Annecy, Savoy, 3 May, 1833 Mc Closkey, William George - Bishop of Louisville, Kentucky (1823-1909) Mac Cuilenan, Cormac - Irish bishop and King of Cashel (836-908) Mac Donell, Alexander - First Bishop of Kingston, Ontario, Canada, b.

17 July 1760, at Inchlaggan in Glengarry, Scotland; d. M., theologian, born at Coimbra, Portugal, 1596; he entered the Jesuit Order in 1610, which however he left in 1638 in order to join the Discalced Franciscans Macerata and Tolentino - Located in the Marches, Central Italy Mac Farland, Francis Patrick - Third Bishop of Hartford born at Franklin, Pennsylvania, 16 April, 1819; died at Hartford, Connecticut, 2 October, 1874 Mc Gee, Thomas D'Arcy - An editor, politician, and poet, born at Carlingford, Co.

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A brief look at 3 and 4 Machabees Machabeus, Judas - Third son of the priest Mathathias who with his family was the centre and soul of the patriotic and religious revolt of the Jews against the King of Syria (I Mach., ii, 4) Mac Hale, John - Born March 6, 1791 at Tubbernavine, Co.

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  1. Or I guess it is a uniform hieroglyphic, And it means, Sprouting alike in broad zones and narrow zones, Growing among black folks as among white, Kanuck, Tuckahoe, Congressman, Cuff, I give them the same, I receive them the same.