Dating fail comics

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Dating fail comics

Her newest illustrations consist of her life with her adorable cats, but here's the twist...

She tries create her comics with only 4 post its notes!

From a bird at the window, to their owners taking naps.

Well, for Lupin, Elvis, and Puck, it's basically everything that happens around the house.

More info: Facebook/ tumblr Mikiko, who also goes by Zombiesmile on Deviant Art, is a German-Japanese freelancer working in comics, manga, game art, TV, teaching and illustration.

She started since childhood and hasn't stopped, going professional around 2006. For more info on Mikiko: Facebook / Website/ Instagram / Zombiesmile The amazing and very humorous Coon illustrations are all hand drawn with a quill and indian ink, by Carissa Kaye Powell (Simkaye). Well, she said "After a few friends and coworkers likened me to a raccoon, I began drawing Coon to document my internal dialogue and domestic misadventures." So basically this funny comic is real life situations that we can all relate too.

Elvis, typically concerned when anything happens, came over to let us know as we were cleaning up the mess.

I began to joke, like he was telling us the headline to a very obvious breaking news story.

After X-Factor disbanded, Havok starred in Mutant X, a series in which he explored a strange alternate reality.Havok generates powerful "plasma blasts", an ability he has had difficulty controlling.One of the sons of Corsair, he is the younger brother of the X-Men's Cyclops, and the older brother of Vulcan.He has since returned to the X-Men, later taking over his father's role as leader of the Starjammers to bring Vulcan's reign over the Shi'ar to an end.In 2013, Comics Alliance ranked Havok as #44 on their list of the "50 Sexiest Male Characters in Comics".

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Just take a look, More info: Facebook/ Deviant Art We've seen so many comics with cats... So here is another purr-fect comic of what it's like to live with cats and why we are so obsessed with them!

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