Dating for over fifties Nation wide adult phone chat numbers

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Dating for over fifties

Elvis Presley and clothing styles: In the Mid 1950's, there were rumblings about this young singer and fashion rebel, Elvis Presley. Elvis in 1950's stylish suit Fifties Actresses and Models, thin or curvy I would say that in the 1950's actresses would be, in general, categorized curvy.

In 1956; Elvis, with his first #1 hit Heartbreak Hotel and his appearance on the Ed Sullivan show, becomes the symbol of fashion for the young generation. The bust and hips, I would say, were in general, a bit larger than present day actresses.

Although the Bust and hips size were mostly larger in the 1950's; it was the waist size that was most important to be small.

Waists were cinched in by belts, and even clothing was designed to be tight around the waist area.

IN THE LATE 1950's, there was Sandra Dee whose weight was more, rather than less. [NOTE: In the 1960's she became thin and concerned with weight.] To sum up, I would say that presently it is WEIGHT(low weight) that seems to be important for present day actresses.(good news is this present day low weight trend might be changing to a bit more rounded) In the 1950's, I would say an actresses figure was judged by the Bust size(bigger better) and Waist size(smaller better) , and not necessarily on weight.

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Fifties Actresses - photos Fifties Actress: Sandra Dee - photos Fifties Actress: Marilyn Monroe - photos Here is a list - names of 1950's clothing styles.: poodle skirt : Girls wore full skirts with motifs on them (ex.

poodle with a leash)and tight fitting blouses tucked into the waist capri / pirate pants, pedal pushers, jeans / dungarees, petticoats, "can-can" petticoats, peter pan collared blouse, twin sweater set, cinched belt, pleated skirts, gingham dress, bathing suits: strapless, or haltered one-piece suits, motor scooter slacks, stirrup pants, motor scooter pants, shoes: penny loafers, white buckskin lace up shoes, saddle shoes,pumps,stiletto heel, plastic pop beads, sloppy joe sweater and leotard, bermuda shorts and hawaiian shirt, bobby sox, ankle sox, jeans, t-shirt, leather jacket or denim jacket, glasses: black horned rim, neckerchief, cardigan, turtleneck (black).

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