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So, what's wrong with the idea of running an experiment to settle this question of whether it's better to give people money, or, say, chickens?

And he proposed an experiment to find out which is better, giving poor people chickens or money.

It would be straightforward to run a study with a few thousand people in six countries, and eight or 12 variations, to understand which combination works best, where, and with whom.

To me--[this is again, Chris Blattman writing Bill Gates]--that answer is the best investment we could make to fight world poverty.

Lance Armstrong is laser-locked on another Tour de France.

But the 45-year-old ex-pro rider, who won seven consecutive Tours between 19 before those wins were voided for doping offenses, won’t race the 2017 edition.

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' And that's kind of a super-hard question to answer.