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Ed and taylor swift dating

Sheeran, it turned out, really needed to get away from being a pop star for a while.Sheeran's default mood is relentlessly upbeat. But he admits that every now and then he "spirals." This happened in 2013, when he scored an opening gig for Taylor Swift and moved to Nashville, where the tour was based."I was on the most amazing fucking tour in the world," he says."I was just living in a country that I didn't belong in, in a town I didn't really know anyone." He began to drink – a lot. Sheeran spent much of the evening in a bar, but even with his bright-red hair hidden under a ball cap, people started to recognize him.

He's been hanging out with old friends a lot; he even wrote about them in his new single "Castle on the Hill," a tribute to their rebellious high school days in Suffolk, England.

As he approached a bubbling geyser, the thin crust of earth started to collapse beneath him, sending both feet into nearly 200-degree water. She ripped one of his socks off, taking his skin with it.

"I still have post-traumatic stress over it," she says. The couple could have headed home – instead, they pushed on with a trip that lasted six months.

Around 4 a.m., Sheeran runs upstairs to grab his guitar and then takes a seat at the kitchen table.

He proceeds to play for two hours straight – a gig considerably more intimate than the stadium shows he plays all by himself, backed only with an acoustic guitar and a loop pedal.

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