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Film specijalno vaspitanje online dating

letterboxd * tumblr * website It can be heard in this video from minute onwards ( "lala lala lala lala lala lala lala lala laaaaaa laa laa laa laaa, la" I just hope I will get another opportunity in my lifetime to watch this masterpiece once more at the cinema from a good 35mm print.

letterboxd * tumblr * website dance in the rain (hladnik 1961)rhythm of crime (tadnic 1981)who's singing over there?

letterboxd * tumblr * website I can't believe you have seen Vrane!

I mean, this is the most I could come up with, and you can list 25, how could we do a top 100? We could also wait a few years, till more people have seen more Yugoslav films and have posted here or expanded their initial lists. To please the majority is the requirement of the Planet Cinema.

edit: okay, doing Balkans, any date, still can't get that far:1. As far as I'm concerned, I don't make a concession to viewers, these victims of life, who think that a film is made only for their enjoyment, and who know nothing about their own existence.

Okay, I didn't realize the pre-1992 restriction was just one you were following.

I've added a few post-1992 films specifically from former Yugoslavia, but I agree with Mario that it makes more sense to do a Balkans poll - then I think a lot of people could participate, and could contribute longer lists.

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Well, I wouldn't go that far in saying it's best, not even close, but there's definitely something about it. Pancevo, as the closest bigger city next to Belgrade, and being abandoned for not being capital (which means cobbled streets in 21st century), made perfect settings for period films.

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