Foursquare for facebook not updating

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Foursquare for facebook not updating

And even Facebook apparently recognized Foursquare had something to it, releasing a Foursquare-like feature of its own in 2010 dubbed Places.But a lot changed for Foursquare in the years after.If you remember Foursquare from the early days but haven't used it in ages, you should know that in 2014 the company split its business into two apps, and the "new" Foursquare app is for checking business listings, similar to Yelp. I admit I haven't used Swarm in more than a year and, on Twitter, I publicly asked if anyone still uses it or its sister app, Foursquare, which helps users find restaurant listings. It shows your most recent check-ins (I haven't checked-in since April 2016), as well as a map that shows you exactly where you've been.

"The reason is not because Foursquare is necessarily failing, but without a partner that has more resources and horizontal businesses, how are they going to compete unless they take on more investment?The company has lost more than two dozen employees over the last year — and several key members of its engineering team just in the last few months — including Vice President of Engineering Harry Heymann, Senior Director of Engineering Kushal Dave, and Senior Software Engineer Govind Kabra, among other employees in areas such as content and recruiting."If an employee hasn’t left, it is mostly because they haven’t found the right next gig,” said a source familiar with Foursquare's internal matters.There's an inbox where you can see friend requests and updates on what you've done in the past, or where your friends visited during the week.There's a summary of a trip I took to Long Beach, NY four years ago which has little value to me.

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I'm not sure there's enough here to bring me back as a full-time user.

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