Free online sec chatbots

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Free online sec chatbots

NET, and other cutting-edge technologies converge to form a resource and collaboration channel for SAP developers, consultants, integrators, and business analysts.

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This chapter is divided into sections that skip between two quite different styles.

In the "computing with language" sections we will take on some linguistically motivated programming tasks without necessarily explaining how they work.

* You have to setup SNC before you can activate SNC with the parameter snc/enable = 1.

To create this PSE I follow the instructions given in Creating an SNC PSE for the SAP J2EE Engine. Accept the "The table is cross-client" information: Choose "E" for the type of Type of ACL entry: Enter System ID and SNC name. Check the boxes according to this screenshot: Don't forget to save this entry.

The steps described show an example setup done on my Linux box. Map X.509 Certificate to User To accept a X.509 Certificate for Login you have to maintain View VUSREXTID.

To test the connection I use the demo programs coming with SAP Java Connector available at Create sec directory for RFC Client PSEM To store the RFC Client PSE I create a subdirectory sec in "/usr/sap/jco/demo": zappod:~# cd /usr/sap/jco/demo/ zappod:/usr/sap/jco/demo# mkdir sec Now switch to this directory and create the PSE: zappod:~# cd sec Create PSE To run sapgenpse the directory containing the SAP Cryptographic Library (on Linux) must be made available in the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH: export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/sap/jco/:/usr/sap/IDS/SYS/exe/run/ Also the just created directory "/usr/sap/jco/demo/sec" has to be set as the SECUDIR: export SECUDIR=/usr/sap/jco/demo/sec Before you can start creating the PSE you also have to copy the ticket license file to it: cp /usr/sap/IDS/DVEBMGS00/sec/ticket . Via this View you can setup a mapping between the Distinguished Name provided by a X.509 Certificate and an ABAP User.

Now we are ready to create the PSE: zappod:/usr/sap/jco/demo/sec# /sapmnt/IDS/exe/sapgenpse gen_pse -v -p Got absolute PSE path "/usr/sap/IDS/DVEBMGS00/sec/RFC.pse". Start Transaction SM30, enter VUSREXTID and click Maintain.

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We hope this style of introduction gives you an authentic taste of what will come later, while covering a range of elementary concepts in linguistics and computer science.

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