Give online dating a breakfast

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Give online dating a breakfast

Studies have found that the consumption of breakfast can lead to lower levels of bad cholesterol and lower the chances of being over weight, as well as promote better memory and concentration.

If you weren't already inundated with too much advice on how to make yourself more attractive on your online dating profile, one more dating site wants to weigh in.

Both of these diseases are commonly triggered by obesity and the findings provide insight on how to combat the effects of excess body fat.

Breakfast has been long-regarded as the most important meal of the day due to it being the initial source of energy when you first wake up.

And though not eating breakfast may be thought to induce weight loss, as promoted by British actress Joanna Lumley, the study published in the Journal of Physiology says otherwise.

The team studied the ability of the fat cells to take up sugar in response to insulin and found that eating in the morning increased that ability.

Study lead author Doctor Javier Gonzalez, an assistant professor in Human Physiology at Bath University, said: 'By better understanding how fat responds to what and when we eat, we can more precisely target those mechanisms.'We may be able to uncover new ways to prevent the negative consequences of having a large amount of body fat, even if we cannot get rid of it.' One in three Americans will develop type 2 diabetes by 2050, according to projections by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

If you're a bit cynical as to whether writing "guacamole guacamole guacamole" would really do anything for your profile, consider the fact that the runner up food is ... Fries are further down the list of mentionable foods, at 61 percent.

What other foods should you mention in your profile according to Zoosk?

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When you wake up, blood sugar is usually low and breakfast helps replenish it.

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