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Iqbal bano ghazals online dating

Artist Anwar Maqsood, who was also closely associated with the legendary singer, says that 'no one will be able to forget her beautiful renditions, not only of Faiz's poetry, but also Ghalib, Daagh and Nasir Kazmi.' Maqsood points out that Bano's talent lay not only in singing ghazals, but also in performing classical thumris.'Her command over the taal and sur of classical music was just perfect,' he says.The Pakistani newspaper Dawn has a good obituary of Iqbal Bano here and some great photos of the icon in their media gallery.She was born in Delhi in 1935 and was the pupil of Ustad Chaand Khan of the Delhi Gharana.

'Iqbal Bano will always have a special place in the hearts and minds of our family,' says Salima Hashmi, the daughter of the legendary Pakistani poet Faiz, whose verses the late singer rendered most eloquently.The effect was exhilarating for fans of both Urdu poetry and the Hindustani classical vocal tradition.In the next generation there are few who have the stature and skill of the first-generation of pioneering icons with the possible exception of Abida Parveen and to a lesser extent (in my opinion) Ghulam Ali.Iqbal Bano, one of the great exponents of semi-classical ghazal singing in the sub-continent, passed away in Lahore at the age of 74.I have recounted a reverie precipitated by her beautiful rendition of Faiz's ghazal "Yeh mausam-e-gul" in a previous post.

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She married a landlord the same year at age 17, who promised her that he would support her endeavors in music.

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