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Jc and jennxpenn dating website

They were friends after Andrea and Kian broke up and I don't think Kian and Jenn really speak anymore anyway.

I think what happened between Jenn and Andrea is completely separate. taken-by=andrewlowe Jenn is turning into a Lauren clone Tbh I'm sort of grossed out by Jenn atm.

Jenn has always done her own thing as far as You Tube goes. Music videos, comedy skits, various artistic explorations, etc.

Jenn for the most part has always uploaded every week and just been all around consistent, so I don't know how Andrea only doing half-assed/ sponsored videos has any effect on Jenn or her channel. I really don't think them distancing themselves is because of anything other than they've been nearly attached at the hip since the day they moved to LA. Seems that lots of You Tubers these days follow a similar formula: post on a schedule, brand your channel with a certain feel and theme, and make consistently themed videos (such as challenges/collabs/"relatable" skits, etc).

I wonder what happened between Andrea and Jenn/Lauren.In her videos she wants to be hannah montana but on instagram she thinks she's miley cyrus.I just don't buy that whole 'I'm such a sexy LA girl but deep down inside I'm just like you' bullshit.I'm seeing people EVERYWHERE lately (You Tube comments, Twitter, Instagram) freak out over how much they ship Jenn and Jack (thats0jack) and how they all think those two are secretly dating.I kind of assumed for a long time that he was out and openly gay (especially considering how he's talked about Harry Styles in past videos) but apparently not and his and Jenn's minions are all flipping out over them.

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The four of them took pictures together on Halloween, but that's pretty much been their only interaction since early-mid October (with the exception of Lauren mentioning Andrea in her breaking news video).

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