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Membership validatingpassword

If you’ve been following along the “Writing a Blog Engine in Phoenix and Elixir” tutorial series that I’ve been writing, then one thing that may have occurred to you is that we’ve not really done a whole lot to handle validating our model data, nor have we done anything to really test it.

We don’t validate our password confirmation, nor our uniqueness of username or email, and we should probably not allow passwords that that are only a single character long. First, in test/models/user_test.exs, we’ll write in a test for when the two passwords do not match: Note the addition of validate_length(:password, min: 4) at the bottom! We could spend entirely too long adding validations for every silly case we can think of, but we don’t want to bloat things any more than we have at this point.

We have found out that Overcast uses a very odd way of validating password protected RSS feeds.

You have to modify the Feed’s URL before submitting it to their system.

If you ever call Create User directly, pass a null argument to indicate a missing parameter (provider User Key, password question and answer, etc.), as opposed to an empty string, which the provider may interpret as a value you want it to use.

Update User and Delete User are pretty self-explanatory, except perhaps for the delete Related Data argument.

New group management When a user belongs to multiple groups, it’s possible to select the group(s) according to the context of the current session.

The Create User method gives you a good idea of the type of user data tracked by membership.Event Viewer The Event Viewer window now lets you sort the list of events by selecting a column for an easier and faster reading.Windows SSO for web applications You can now use the Windows session authentication to access a web application.Each user has a name and password and an e-mail address.To allow users to reset their own passwords, there is also an optional question and answer that can be used as a secondary form of authentication for the user.

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It is now possible to secure applications loading assemblies dynamically (like applications using the Microsoft CAB framework).

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