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Mexican dating customs

The conservation and protection of the rain forest and wildlife of Nayarit is an issue of crucial importance..Nayarit is the home to four indigenous groups: the Wixaritari (Huichol), the Naayeri (Cora), the Odam (Tepehuan) and the Nahuatl-speaking Mexicaneros.The last independent Cora communities were subjugated in 1722.The state's name recalls the Cora's label for themselves: Náayerite, commemorating Nayar, a resistance leader.In the northeast are broad, tropical plains watered by the Río Grande de Santiago, a continuation of the Lerma River.The main state rivers are the Río Grande de Santiago, San Pedro, Acaponeta, Ameca and Las Cañas.The Río Grande de Santiago is the largest river in Nayarit.The Santiago and its tributaries are of major importance for agricultural irrigation.

Encountered on the western coast by the Spanish invaders in 1500, the cultures were descended from these original Aztatlán settlements and other Classic stage cultures who had merged with them.

It is bordered by the states of Sinaloa to the northwest, Durango to the north, Zacatecas to the northeast and Jalisco to the south.

To the west, Nayarit has a significant share of coastline on the Pacific Ocean, including the islands of Marías and Marietas.

The beaches of San Blas and the so-called "Riviera Nayarit" are popular with tourists.

Beside tourism, the economy of the state is based mainly on agriculture and fishing.

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Hernándo was the first known European to enter into the area now known as Nayarit, which claimed for Spain as part of the colony of Nueva Galicia.

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