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When she moved from New York to New Hampshire, her New York clients wanted to continue to receive therapy from her, even if it was at a distance.

Before online therapy was mainstream, Beauregard counseled her clients by telephone and Skype.

Treatment of Sexual Dysfunctions, Disorders, and Deviancy 10. Psychopharmacological Therapy with Dysfunctions, Disorders and Deviancy 14. Group therapy in treatment of sexual dysfunctions, disorders, and deviancy; and (b) As of January 1, 1997, in addition to the minimum hours in paragraph (2)(a) of this rule, the following shall apply: 1. For the purpose of this section, supervision is face-to-face contact between an intern or trainee and a supervisor during which the applicant apprises the supervisor of the diagnosis and treatment of each sex therapy client, client cases are discussed, the supervisor provides the applicant with oversight and guidance in diagnosing, treating and dealing with sex therapy clients, and the supervisor evaluates the applicant’s performance. Focus on the raw data from the clinical sex therapy work, which is made directly available to the supervisor through such means as written clinical materials, direct observation and video and audio recordings: b.

Legal, Ethical, and Forensic Issues in Sex Therapy 11. Research on Sexual Dysfunctions, Disorders and Deviancy 15. A minimum of 40 client contact hours in the clinical practice of sex therapy during a minimum period of time of six months; 2. Be a process which is distinguishable from personal psychotherapy, consulting or didactic instruction; and c.

She projects that the business’s 2017 revenue will grow by another three percent.Professionals in this field understand the profound mental impact the loss of one’s sexuality can have.While there are many medications available for problems such as erectile dysfunction, patients can still benefit from sex therapists.Rhiannon Beauregard wants to change our cultural conversation about sex.Rather than being negative and secretive, she wants sex to be seen as a “positive, beautiful, and important part of humanity.” For ten years, Beauregard has counseled clients struggling with sex and sex addiction.

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A minimum of 20 hours of supervision, where each supervisory session is no more than one and one-half hours in length, by a qualified supervisor as set forth in Rule 64B4-7.004, F. During the supervisory period, 50% of the required supervision may be group supervision.