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Italy puts massive restrictions on glyphosate usage in the strictest regulations ever passed on the toxic compound. Sperm counts in men are being lowered by cell phones. Bomb blast, machete attack and shooting in Germany.

Brand name pharmacy drugs account for only 10% of total prescriptions but make up 72% of the total amount spent. Almost Everything you hear from the government and the media is a lie. How big pharma uses charities to subsidize their drugs. Good high energy green show : John Kerry hates air conditioners and refrigeration.

: This show is a must listen for all Americans especially Christians. I cover why Clinton was not indicted from a inter dimensional Christian perspective.

Round up now shown to cause bacteria to become resistant to antibiotics. Right wingers in germany want a vote to exit the EU.

In the interview with the BBC, the artist whose father Ted Hughes had left his wife for another woman when she killed herself has expressed with people who she claims have used her mother's death to help their cause.

Frieda was just two when her mother left her and her younger brother Nicholas upstairs as she ended her life by placing her head in the their oven on February 11, 1963, at their flat on Fitzroy Road, Primrose Hill.

Research proves raw milk prevents infections and helps the immune system; so why have states made it illegal? Washington DC is shedding restaurant jobs as fightfor15 is a failure as expected.

US gives 1.3Billion dollars to Iran for interest owed on a bad military deal from the 70s; are we even living in reality anymore? 1700 of Hillary's emails implicate her with weapons sales.

: Beets and turmeric: some of the best nutrients for inflammation. Hillary blatantly implies that independent media has not place in her tyrannical government. Monsanto rhetoric trying to claim bananas are all going extinct naturally : Lana Broer Discusses detailed tips for pregnancy and post birth. Justice department announces it will be ending For Profit Prisons. : Iowa parade floats depicts Hillary behind bars wearing an orange jump suit. 300k migrants in Germany are now working illegally and giving kickbacks to asylum staff Immigration judges now releasing 33% of illegal’s charged with crimes since 2015Syrian refugees now flooding Michigan along with shari towns now completely muslims controlled in that state. Republican Illinois governor signs pro abortion bill. Democratic convention ends with having to pay attendees to fill seats. German politician trying to put German troops back on the streets of germany. Evidence unfolding that CIA and NATO may have been involved is Turkish coup. Romance novels the new porn being used against women. Ted Cruz soiled himself last night at the convention, politically. BBC says calling a terrorist a terrorist is politically incorrect...Problem is they are serious. High energy green show : How the election machines were hacked.. US airforce now using technology to detonate plasma bombs in the ionosphere to build radio reflective plasma; absolutely nothing could go wrong with that idea. Soda: one of the most unhealthy drinks to put in your body. Louisiana government demand residents stop being self reliant and helping one another; They must be forced to surrender all control to the tyrannical government. Texas allows guns on college campuses by 21 year olds. Soldiers are replacing police to help guard Vienna against migrants. Anti NATO protests in turkey Hungary's president endorses Trump. I hear the marching of the storm troopers down the cobblestone streets of Berlin. This is a high energy green show : Rnc starts session with Sikh prayer. The tragic events of that day have resounded for decades, with debate amongst feminists and academics raging about how Hughes' betrayal influenced Plath's behaviour, whether he was in fact to blame for her death and the questions about whether when he edited volumes of her work, he was censoring her.Frieda says that it was wrong for feminist fans of her mothers to launch a barrage of hate on her father including removing his name from her mother's head stone.

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while the dea still keeps cannabis in the same schedule 1 category. Hungary is building another massive wall to keep jihad out.

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