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You have to love Skeletor - his premise sucked - he was an evil skeleton, but for some reason the dopey name and the creepy castle and the raspy voice worked. Joe A show that served as a vehicle for action figure advertisements, G. Joe was brilliant in its premise and execution - little boys like violence and blowing things up, ergo lets make a glorified war propaganda cartoon and sell 10 tons of soldier dolls and plastic jets.Oh, and Prince Adam was such a tool I knew he was lame when I was seven. Even more amazing were the zero casualties between Cobra and Joe throughout their decades long war. It usually has nothing to do with materialism and in my opinion Russians are much less materialistic than Americans.If you want to appear cultural and make your Russian woman/bride/wife happy, you need to know Russian gift giving customs.He brought me a beautiful huge bouquet of white roses.I couldn’t help myself not to count them and guess how many they were? :-0 We laugh about it now, but I felt a little uncomfortable, because I didn’t know that Americans don’t have the uneven number of flowers rules.When talking about Russian gift giving traditions I have to mention Russians love for books.

They took our data and said they will index it eventually. An even number of flowers is brought and sent exclusively for funerals.I have no idea where this tradition came from, but it is very important not to screw this one up, so make sure you count flowers before giving them to a Russian woman.Again, it is the thoughtfulness of the gift, which counts, not the gift itself.When we got married my husband got me a bunch of Russian children books.

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Thundercats have no idea why this silly show resonates so much with my generation but rest assured, if you were born in the late 70s/early 80s you know the name Lion-O.