Updating db via xml

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If you click the user’s name you’ll see the additional properties, including an “Edit Item” option, however, the edit dialog is simply a read-only display of the username, helpful right?

You can see what fields are available to edit by running the following: In the preceding example I’m grabbing a specific item (in this case the item corresponding to my user) so that I can see the internal field names in context with the data stored by the field – this helps to make sure that I grab the correct field name (i.e., “Job Title” vs. Now you can just add additional fields to update right before the call to System Update() – simply follow the pattern established for the title field.One of my clients recently had an issue where a particularly high profile user (CEO) had their title spelled incorrectly in Active Directory; unfortunately the error wasn’t noticed right away and now, despite changing the information in Active Directory, Share Point was still showing the wrong title in the People Picker when granting the user rights to a Site Collection.Fortunately I had a partial Power Shell script to fix the issue and just needed to only slightly modify it – you can see the original script on pages 299 and 300 of my book.For each of eight dialect regions, 50 male and female speakers having a range of ages and educational backgrounds each read ten carefully chosen sentences.Two sentences, read by all speakers, were designed to bring out dialect variation: The remaining sentences were chosen to be phonetically rich, involving all phones (sounds) and a comprehensive range of diphones (phone bigrams).

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It was designed to provide data for the acquisition of acoustic-phonetic knowledge and to support the development and evaluation of automatic speech recognition systems.