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By default this scenario simply replies with a 200 OK response.This scenario can be overridden by passing the 3PCC stands for 3rd Party Call Control. While this feature was first developed to allow 3PCC like scenarios, it can also be used for every case where you would need one SIPp to talk to several remotes.This mechanism is implemented in the scenarios through the In other words, send Cmd and recv Cmd can be seen as synchronization points between two SIPp instances, with the ability to pass parameters between each other.Another scenario that has been reported to be do-able with the 3PCC feature is the following: An extension of the 3pcc mode is implemented in SIPp.So you can be confident that all mentioned features will work :) SIPp allows to generate one or many SIP calls to one remote system. In this example, two SIPp are started in front of each other to demonstrate SIPp capabilities.Run sipp with embedded server (uas) scenario: Integrated scenarios?By doing so, SIPp will be detached from the current terminal and run in the background. If you didn't specify a number of calls to execute with the will instruct SIPp to stop placing any new calls and finish all ongoing calls before exiting. If optional is set to "global", Sipp will look every previous steps of the scenario. Indicates if 'request' ('response' is not available) is given as a regular expression.When using the background mode, the main sipp instance stops and a child process will continue the job. A SIPp scenario is written in XML (a DTD that may help you write SIPp scenarios does exist and has been tested with j Edit - this is described in a later section). If so, the recv command will match against the regular expression.

Stable release: before being labelled as "stable", a SIPp release is thoroughly tested.

The 3PCC call flow I will, in reality, look like this (Controller has been divided in two SIPp instances): As you can see, we need to pass information between both sides of the controller.

SDP "offer1" is provided by A in message (2) and needs to be sent to B side in message (3).

In order to keep SIPp simple (remember, it's a test tool! Which is an issue in 3PCC call flows, like call flow I (SIPp being a controller): Scenario file: 3(original XML file) Scenario file: 3(original XML file) Scenario file: 3(original XML file) Scenario file: 3(original XML file) The 3PCC feature in SIPp allows to have two SIPp instances launched and synchronised together.

If we take the example of call flow I, one SIPp instance will take care of the dialog with remote A (this instance is called 3PCC-C-A for 3PCC-Controller-A-Side) and another SIPp instance will take care of the dialog with remote B (this instance is called 3PCC-C-B for 3PCC-Controller-B-Side).

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Therefore, the log files names will contain another PID than the actual sipp instance PID. This allows to catch several cases in the same receive command. With GSL, normal, exponential, gamma, lambda, lognormal, negbin, (negative binomial), pareto, and weibull are available.

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