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Use “Player Teleport” button near the Coordinates display at the top of the screen or click on the Player’s name in the Chat window.• Endless amount of beautiful buildings and places made of cubes to explore• Chat with all players within your View Distance• Ability to select unique color for all your chat messages• 20 player free skins to select from• 7 skins packs and more then 160 skins to choose from Store • Get daily FREE coins and spend them in the Game’s Store!L'Éternel me dit: Va encore, et aime une femme aimée d'un amant, et adultère ; aime-la comme l'Éternel aime les enfants d'Israël, qui se tournent vers d'autres dieux et qui aiment les gâteaux de raisins.It is recommended to use View Distance of 3-4 for older Android phones and tables.You can use value of 5 or 6 for latest high end devices with Retina Display and more than 1MB of RAM.Elle est tout d'abord abandonne par ses amants -ce qui est frquent-.

You can teleport to either any place of the planet using Map and Coordinates or to any player in the game just by clicking on his name in the Chat window or in the Players List window.

Elle n'est plus que l'ombre de celle dont il t tomb amoureux. Ose va essayer de la sortir de l, non parce qu'il a compassion d'elle et de sa misre, mais Ose est captif d'un amour qui ne peut tre dtruit.

Mme avilie et devenue rpugnante, il aime encore cette femme qui a fait ses dlices...

Build virtually anything from blocks by your own or together with your friends or random people from around the globe via multiplayer.

Explore truly endless world made from blocks with thousands of other players online worldwide.

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Cette histoire tragique s'est frquemment rpte, mais jamais avec une fin aussi inattendue.

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