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(music plays) Hal Rudnick: I'm standing here with our director, Lee Roy Myers.

Hal Rudnick: Lee Roy, what are we shooting here today?

Starring: Hal Rudnick Directed by Justin Donaldson Produced by Josh Simpson Edited by Justin Donaldson Featuring: Julia Ann, Diamond Foxxx, Raylene, Rachel Love, Jewels Jade, James Deen, Rocco Reed Thanks to Janeen Gensen and everyone at New Sensations. Hal Rudnick: How cock hungry are you on a scale of 1 to 10?

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Hal Rudnick: Oh, don't want to get on Dorothy's bad side. Rachel Love: The only part of me that feels like a mother is Rachel Love: looking at their tits, and thinking about sucking on them. Hal Rudnick: What did you do to get into character for Blanche? She's stupid and slutty Diamond Foxx: and I do pretty good at both of those. Hal Rudnick: If this were a Golden Girls episode, what's the plot of this one?

Hal Rudnick: That's awesome when you can play someone you really identify with.

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Hal Rudnick and Julia Ann: Thank you for being a friend.

Hal Rudnick: Can you sing a little bit of the Golden Girls theme song for me?

Hal Rudnick: I want to thank you for being a friend.

(James belches) Hal Rudnick and Julia Ann: Thank you for being a friend.

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Hal Rudnick: I'm Hal Rudnick, and I'll see you next time on the set.